Act of Giving

Every year for awhile I was Tootles the clown at a place called Parrish Ranch.  It was an old apple barn and out building and orchard turned into shops.  Restaurant, zoo etc.

For children at Christmas time, they had breakfast with Santa and a play.  I painted faces, and I was in the play.  I painted faces, and I was in the play.  It didn’t take much acting and I think I got more out of it than the kids.

There are a lot of stories in each of the children that came to Santa’s breakfast.  We would have our little skit with me mimicking “All I want for Christmas is my tow front teeth”.  After the play and their breakfast I would hand out balloon while they waited to see Santa, and have their pictrue take with him.  Their beautiful faces smiling.  Some afraid of Santa were crying.  When you put the mantle of clown on you can act as silly as you like.  I make the children and parents smile and forget for awhile their problems.  I remember on little girl was so happy, she had just been adopted.  Another little girl with leukemia smiling, forgetting about hospitals and treatment for awhile.  Also we had special children with Down syndrome that were having such a good time.  Every child there, a treasure.  They would choose their favorite color of balloon.  What is it about balloons the make young and old alike so happy?  I don’t know, but I loved giving them out and watching the smiles on their faces.  Giving makes us feel so good.  I guess we forget what it does for us.