Moms Christmas Gift

When livening in South Gate, California, at age 10, I wanted to surprise my Mom with a Christmas gift.  She use to give me some of her waitress tip Money for washing the dishes and other miscellaneous jobs around the house.  So on a Saturday morning before Christmas, while Mom was at work, I got all dressed up in my white Easter dress and shoes.  At the time, I thought everyone got dressed up to go shopping.  At least that was what my Great-Aunt Babe had taught me.

I went to the corner of Wood Avenue and Tweedy Boulevard, and caught the bus to Thrifty Drug Store.

I went in the store and looked at all the displays.  I wanted something beautiful for Mom: She did not have very many things, because of moving all the time.  Things would break or would not fit in our moving trailer.  Mom always aid she saved the packing boxes, because Dad would come home and at moment notice and we leaving to go to a new job and place.  She said she knew just how each thing fit in each box.

On a shelve up high at Thrifty Drug Store were some sparking and gleaming cut glass water glasses with yellow hobnailed pedestals.  Eight came in a box for a $1.68 tax included.  I asked a friendly clerk if she would get them down for me.  She said she would, and asked who the glasses were for.  My Mom I told her.  Oh how nice.  Would you like them gift wrapped?  I said yes that would be nice (back then, gift-wrapping was free).  She wrapped the gift in white embossed paper with a huge red ribbon.  I was so excited; (I get all fluttery inside when things excite me).

I went out to catch the bus back home.  I’m standing all dressed up, holding this beautiful gift when some kids ride by in a car when one of them hollered out the window “hey little girl, you going to a birthday part”.  I do not know why, but I was embarassed for looking like that.  It ruined my happy felling, because I thought you were supposed to look good while shopping.  We always dressed up when we went to Los Angeles with Aunt Babe.  At that time, you would even wear a hat and gloves.

Well anyway, Mom was pleased and surprised with the gift.  I now have her beautiful glasses.