Scary Santa

Christmas at Mrs. Heckman’s when I was five was a rally scary time for me.  Starting with Halloween her grandson was staying there too.  He was twelve the time and thought he was a big shot.  He started to scare me by hiding than jumping out at me saying boo to me just to see me jump.  After Halloween he stopped this, but started telling me scary stories about Santa.  He said that if I saw him he would be mad and chase me, and I wouldn’t get any presents.  On Christmas Eve I was so excited that tomorrow would be Christmas.  I hate to admit this but from time to time I was still wetting the bed.  At this point I was not having a problem though.  In the middle of the night I woke up needing to go.  I got up and started down the dark scary hall when I remembered what Danny had said about Santa.  I was scared to death that I would run into him.  Should I go back to bed?  No I really had to go bad.  So as I tip toed closer to the living room there was a glow into the hall from the tree lights.  On, I hope he’s not there.  As I the corner I could see the beautiful Christmas tree, with presents underneath.  Santo had already gone.  I was safe.

I got my revenge at Easter though.  I could hardly wait for the Easter egg hunt.  Before I could go out Danny had to go also.  I thought to myself that I wouldn’t have a change at getting anything because he was older than me.  So out we went to search for goodies.  The morning clear and crisp.  Mama had given me a basket to put the eggs in.  Danny was holding back because they had told him to be fair and let me go first.  When he did start hunting he had a hard time finding any eggs.  He wasn’t very good with the hunting for eggs.  There were also two baskets hidden, one for each of us.  I found mine in the hedge.  But Danny still only had a few eggs.  I knew where the other basket was, but Mom said let Danny find that one.  Finally they let me help Danny.  I think I grew about a foot that day!