Snookums First Christmas

From the start it was a disaster in the making.  My cat Snookums as only about six months old, and full mischief.  She was a yellow and cream, furry ball, tumbling and running every where, into this and that.

This was a long day at school, and I could hardly wait to get home.  Dad was bringing home our Christmas tree after work and we are going to decorate it.  I just loved Christmas, decoration the tree the presents, and Mama baking ginger bread cookies that I got to decorate.

As I opened the back door to our house, Snookums rubbed against my leg, and walked in with me.  “Mama, is Daddy home yet” I asked.

No sugar, but he will be soon.  Go change your school clothes.  We’ll eat dinner, then decorate the tree, but first feed Snookums, and make sure you keep her out of the living room, because the decorations are in there.  She might get into something; “Mama answered.  But I was only half listening to her.

Soon after I had changed my clothes, I heard our car in the driveway.  I ran to the window, and there was the most beautiful tree on top of Daddies car.  Daddy brought the tree in and sat it in front of our window.  It reached clear to the ceiling, and smelled of fresh pine and musty wood, its boughs waving as Daddy shook and adjusted it until it was straight.

Snookums was watching with curious green eyes, as if to say, why a tree in here?

Mama picked up Snookums, close the and we went into the kitchen to have our dinner.

When we were through, we were ready to decorate the tree.  We pulled ou the ornaments and light boxes.  It was fun to see all the beautiful balls, stars, angels, Santa’s, and my favorite of all my Christmas mouse.  My Grandma had given it to me when I was little.

Christmas mouse was dress in a red Santa suit and cap trimmed with fur.  I always put this ornament on the first tree branch below the Santa Mouse, I started teasing Snookums with it.  She would try to catch it as I wiggled it around like it was a real mouse.

Mama kept saying “Jeannie that cat is going to that ornament and tear it up”.  But, Snookums and I were having such a good time, I ust didn’t listen.

Snookums got tired of the mouse game and went for the lights, getting all tangled up, and then running like mad around the tree.

“Put the cat outside, Jeannie, or we won’t have any ornaments to decorate with”.

I took Snookums to the back door, but it had started to snow so I didn’t have the heart to put her out.

We finished decoration the tree and stepped back to look at it.  The tree was beautiful.  It sparkled with tinsel, lights, and as always our cranberry garlands, and red and white candy canes.  Were now ready for Christmas

Mama said, “let’ go into the kitchen and have some hot cocoa before we go to bed’.

As we were sitting there with our cocoa, all of a sudden we heard a terrible crash in the living room.  Mama looked at me and said, “Jeannie, you did put the cat out, didn’t you?

Oh No!  The tree!

As we looked into the living room, the tree was on the floor.  What a mess!  We think Snookums jumped from Dadd’s chair to the tree, after Christmas mouse.

I was sure our Christmas was ruined.  Why didn’t I do what Mama said?  Was every ornament broken?  On no!  My Santa mouse!

As Daddy placed the tree upright most of the ornaments were not broken and Mama swept up the rest of the mess while reminding me that she had told me to put the cat out.  “But Mama it’s so col, and it’s snowing!  Can I take her to my room”?  Yes, But I hope you have learned your lesson and listen to me next time”.

Santa mouse is sitting a little crooked, but he survived.  Poor Snookums is peeking around the living room door as if to say, “boy that was close one”.