Strange Things Happen

I would like to have answers to some of life’s mysteries especially when they happen to someone close to us.

As a young couple my Mom and Dad had very little, but when they got where they could afford it Dad would have a dozen rose’s sent to Mom every year on their anniversary.  Rose rose’s were her very favorite.

Dad past away in 1985.  My Mom and everyone else in the family were lost without him.  He was a person that everyone loved who knew him.  A little rough around the edges that Mom would try to tame, sometime successful sometime not.  Looking at him you wouldn’t think of him as the sentimental type and certainly not romantic.  But Dad thought Mom was the most beautiful woman in the world.  Her was a man that grew up without a mother and father, not having or given much.  That went way out of his way to romance Mom.

After Dad died she would see a rose and tell of this tory, so when Mom died in 2002 my sister and I had red roses for Moms tome stone and funeral service.

Later for my birthday, my son and daughter-in-law, who couldn’t make it for the funeral, sent me a framed picture of Mom and Dad when they had been married about forty-year’s.  That I know of my son and his wife.  Knew nothing of the red roses story.

What a thoughtful son and daughter-in-law, to send me this picture to me.  It was symbol to me that they are together now.  And the red rose as a symbol of their love for one another.